Heavenly Highlighters

Highlighters are the finishing touch to any make up look.

I prefer powder highlighters, which I apply with a fan brush, sometimes spritzing the brush with a setting spray beforehand to intensify the highlight (I use Mac Fix Plus).

Here are my top pick of powder highlighting products.


Jen x

Beauty Gift Guide – ASOS

I’m so lazy when it comes to Christmas shopping – so I tend to do most of mine online.

ASOS have some great beauty & make up gifts at the moment with up to 30% off.

I’ve picked my favourite products & what I think are the best deals.


ASOS Beauty Gifts

Jen x

Products to help Roaccutane dryness.

I’ve been taking the acne drug Roaccutane for about 5 months now.

It is definitely working – a little slower than I expected – but it does cause extreme dryness.

I have tried countless products to alleviate the dryness & these are my ultimate saviours.



E45 bath oil is so soothing & E45 lotion is easily absorbed into the skin – both are very budget friendly – you want to be generous with application so this is important.

Embryollise is a cult product amongst make up artists & it’s soothing, easily absorbed texture is perfect for sensitive dry skin.  I use this in the morning & at night I use it with a few drops of Trilogy rosehip oil added for extra moisture & a vitamin boost.

Dr Lipp is by far the best lip balm I have found – dry cracked lips has been the most irritating side effect and this is the only lip balm which keeps working past the ten minute mark.

Egyptian Magic Balm is another cult product that has several uses.  I use it as a mask on the nights that my skin feels even drier than usual.

E45 bath oil £6 Amazon

E45 lotion £5 Amazon

Embryollise £13 Boots

Dr Lipp £10.80 Beauty Bay

Egyptian Magic Balm £20 Amazon

Katie Price Make Up

Myself, Sharon & Pamela were a mobile glam squad for the lovely Katie Price this weekend.

HD brows by Sharon Cameron, hair by Pamela Docherty & make up by me.

Katie was so lovely & she’s so naturally pretty that it was easy to create the fresh glowing look that she requested – product details below.

It was such a fun evening & lovely to work as a team on location – you can usually find us in our salon 132 West Regent Street in Glasgow City centre.

Jen x


Lilac & Turquoise Eyes

As something a bit different, I decided to try out some colour in my make up – I’m a big fan of neutrals, so decided to try some lilacs and turquoises for a complete change.

I used a few different lilac & turquoise pigments by Mac, keeping my eyes defined with black liner and Eldora lashes.

Eldora Lashes

Mac Cosmetics


Jen x

Kylie Jenner Inspired Make Up

I love Kylie Jenner’s glamorous take on a simple make up look.

Using neutral colours from Bobbi Brown’s gorgeous ‘Nude on Nude’ palette, to create a contoured, neutral eye, finished with Eldora lashes.  I kept my skin simple and tried to recreate Kylie’s signature overdrawn pout using Mac Cosmetic’s ‘Subculture’ lip liner.

Bobbi Brown

Eldora Lashes

Mac Cosmetics

10690306_10152345176277322_2410693501080810524_n Bobbi-Brown-Nude-on-Nude-Palette-2014

Jen x